Victoria Police Pistol Club Inc.

The Victoria Police Pistol Club Inc. was formed in 1958 to cater for the needs of members of the Victoria Police. Membership is restricted to:

Serving Members of Victoria Police.

Retired, resigned or Superannuated Members of Victoria Police.
Protective Security Officers.
Associate Members. (Upon the recommendation of two Ordinary members)

All applicants are subject to the approval of the Committee and the CCP.

The club has a range at Carrum Downs which was established in 2009. The club shoots competition on the 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month starting at 0930 hrs. The range is also open to members 7 days per week, once they have the appropriate licences. The club is involved in local, state, national & international competitions. Members join for different reasons, some for the competition and some to enhance their firearms skills. At the club both Police & Service Pistol and ICORE are shot each month and individual members also shoot in various other competitions eg. IPSC. The club encourages any competition provided that is an Approved Handgun Shooting Match as per the Firearms Act 1997.

The club has its own firearms for the use of new members and has access to Police issue M&P .40 cal SAP's for those members wishing to enhance their Police Firearms skills. The club has a number of currently qualified OTST Instructors available to assist those members who wish to enhance those skills.

What does it cost?

Joining Fee (one off) $110.00
Annual Fee $220.00
Total $330.00

All costs are GST inclusive.


President: Steve VORWERK


Secretary: Chistopher HURWOOD